Mountain State Track Club -
MSTC Practice Format
MSTC runs year round.  Most athletes join for a specific season and come once or twice a week depending on their schedules.    The club runs Sunday-Wednesday-Thursday.
Sunday: 2-4
Wednesday/Thursday: 5-7
Summer Hours:
Sunday: 2-4
Wednesday: 5-7
Want to Join MSTC?
Joining the club is a relatively simple process. Print and complete the form then bring the completed form with you to your first session.  Athletes can sign up for one of four packages.   Follow the link below to view the packages and registration form for the club.  (Check Back Soon)
USATF Membership
MSTC is a USA Track and Field Member Club.  Since MSTC is a USATF member club, ALL Mountain State Track Club athletes are required to become USA Track & Field (USATF) members. USATF Membership is required as supplemental insurance, and offers athletes opportunities to compete in open meets during the winter and summer.  Just click the logo below to begin your USATF membership.
Club Number for WV  51-0521
Joining Mid-Season
Its not uncommon for athletes to join the club mid-season.  Should you wish to join the club, please contact us with information about your experience and ability level.
What to Expect
Each session during the week is 2 hrs long and comprised of athletes separated between field events and running events.  The athletes begin with a warm up of 20-30 min.  After the warm up the athletes are then guided through a series of drills that are vault and sprint related.  The athletes are then separated into their respected event areas. 
At the pole vault pit the coaches will take the vaulters through a series of drills and runs ranging from short to long runs working on vault technique and running form. 
MSTC does have a range of poles for athletes to use.  Many athletes bring their own poles.  It is recommended that athletes bring their own poles that they will be using outside of the club. 
Parents and coaches are encouraged to come and watch.  Coaching will only be given by the MSTC coaches or other qualified coaches. 
Winter Months
Due to snow storms in the winter months, the club will post at 12 noon of the designated day the storm hits to announce if club will run that day. 
MSTC advises athletes and parents to use their best judgment in deciding whether to head out to practice should practices be held as scheduled during inclement weather.
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